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Case study - Satellite internet One Way

The role of a satellite internet service in a business like Internet Club

Drops the bills, raises up the profit

Usually an internet club has an internet access through leased line or wireless. Usually this club pays for unlimited traffic an amount of 300 Euro for a leased line of 33.6 kbps or 500 Euro for a wireless link of 64 kbps. Installing a satellite internet service will drop the expenses with the current provider to 100-150 Euro while the satellite service will cost only 85 Euro. Dropping the expenses with the provider is possible because the leased line will be used only for UPLOAD while the DOWNLOAD is made through satellite service. (we call UPLOAD the request to the Internet of the page we wish to load, and we call DOWNLOAD the process during which we see the page on the screen loading). Very precise experiences proved that the UPLOAD is only 5.2-19 % from the total traffic while the DOWNLOAD represents the rest. The UPLOAD percentage is different because of what we intend to do: browsing or pure download. Therefore, by not doing so much traffic, the UPLINK line to your provider does not justify an unlimited traffic subscription to the ISP. If you can renegotiate the agreement with your provider for taking a 1 Gb traffic per month for the 100 Euro or 2 Gbs for 200 Euro keep in mind that this is a good price for a quality service. Usually the provider should be happy for this request because taking a smaller traffic quantity from him will be able to increase his customers number, and we all know that the stability of a firm is confirmed by a large number of happy customers. On the other hand the provider should be happy because you do not request from him the responsibility of most of your traffic: DOWNLOAD which means 80 % but you increase the performance of offered services very much.
On the other hand if something happens to the satellite service (malfunctions, broke) you will be able to return to the original internet link anytime, so you have a backup plan. Installing a quality internet satellite service will allow you to keep the same price for the internet service you offer while your expenses will drop and will have a more profitable income.

Improves the performance of the offered service

and through it improves the satisfaction level of the customers.

Usually an internet club has an internet access of 33.6 kbps or 64 kbps. Only a few Internet Clubs have a stronger access because of the costs involved. Using a satellite internet service the speed you can reach is 300-400 kbps, which is actually 10-12 times higher than the usual one. It raises up the satisfaction of the customers. About this scenario we've made a few tests which revealed some interesting results:
- in an internet club we installed satellite service. From the moment of installation to the moment when the income started to grow passed 6 weeks for a club within a 500 000 population city and 2 weeks in a club within a 30 000 population city. So we proved something already known: the smaller the town is, the quicker the words spread. Do not forget that the strongest advertise is from person to person. The income raising percent was 20-40 % but with a good management it can arrive up to 70 %. Do not forget also that the impact of a quality thing for people is higher when the price remains the same.

The "distance" between you and your competitors will increase

There will always be persons who will adapt slower to the speed of the market. Will always be persons who will take the lead and others who will stay with the old solutions which are enough for them. Sometimes the implementation of the new may be a move with a huge impact against the customers and the "look" of the firm. In other words: if a thing is good then it is recommended to learn it as soon as possible. Our satellite internet service can be tested absolutely free for one week by filling a form on our web site. On the site in the On-line Documentation section you will find technical information about the implementation of the service inside your network.

Technical information:

- any DVB equipment can be used for installing our service because we respect closely the standards. Do not hesitate to test our service for free.

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