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brief presentation for: ONE WAY | TWO WAY Small ISP | TWO WAY AFRICA

Brief presentation - One Way ISP Satellite internet

One Way ISP was specially design to provide reliable guaranteed bandwidth to the customers which really need them, like:

  • bigger or smaller providers
  • VoIP Carriers
  • offline services providers
  • military, commercial and advertising applications.

ONE WAY ISP for Providers

One of the most important things for an ISP is the possibility to increase its capacity over a short period of time and (if possible) without shutting down the services provided to the customers. Any ISP has more proxy servers, and if their connections are not really professional, then each proxy is connected separately and a load balancing is realized, for the cases in which one link is weakened, the others will override it.
This is the wisest way to build a proxy servers structure, but there are not many people capable of doing this job and to make the structure work for a longer period of time.

To build functioning load balancing on multiple proxy servers is a quite difficult thing to realize, so the ISPs should only guaranteed channels.
It can be seen that those ISPs which use only guaranteed channels do not delay their payments, have capable engineers and are always improving their services.

Due to the several requests we have received, we created the One Way ISP Service, with special features which will be useful especially to the providers or carriers. Based on our customer's demand, we can offer:

  • guaranteed bandwidth
  • minimum guaranteed bandwidth with a burst possibility to 75% over (e.g. 1.5 mbps with burst to 2.5 mbps or 4 mbps with burst to 6 mbps)
  • guaranteed bandwidth with bandwidth management for the addresses routed via the satellite
  • routing the terrestrial addresses used by the ISP via the satellite within 24 hours
  • firewall for any of the used addresses
  • dedicated channel formed by more balanced sites (e.g. a customer wants a 5 mbps guaranteed capacity for 5 locations, minimum 1 mbps for each location)
  • dedicated channels for VoIP with priority settings
  • we can supply by request the possibility that the customer supervises the service he has chosen using or own tools.
  • multiple alerting and notifying possibilities for special situations - detailed traffic situations and even automatic traffic logs transfer within the data base
  • Inside the guaranteed channel we can offer the possibility to set priority rules for certain types of traffic (e.g. windows networking or pinging traffic can be limited to a lower level, giving maximum priority to the HTTP and VoIP services)
  • To the customers that bought a guaranteed satellite channel to make their own service we can offer several management tools for themselves, their reseller and customers.

For a more flexibility of the service we use the VPN Authentication Service
You must have DVB equipment and an Internet connection installed on your server. After establishing the VPN link you will receive a public IP address already routed via the satellite. So you will have the satellite channel activated and working within the parameters of the service you have requested. In case you want to offer public IP addresses to your customers who are behind your server, then those addresses have to route to us. This is possible by co-working with the authority that assigned you those IPs. Once you routed the addresses to us, we will upload them on the satellite in just a few hours.
That's why we say that we can also provide bandwidth management on your customers' addresses, because once the addresses are routed via our equipments, we can perform any operation on them, including limitations.

One Way ISP for Carriers

We offer you satellite guaranteed channel from 1 to 20 mbps to any location in Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East to the middle of Saudi Arabia.

Technically, you will be able to use this channel under the following conditions:
a server is needed, to establish a VPN connection to our DVB platform in Holland. After establishing the VPN connection, anyone (we can also set up access lists) will be able to access that server through satellite at the chosen speed and the server will reply through the VPN connection. So you will have that specific bandwidth on that server. The only small inconvenient is that the satellite connection has a 350 - 370 ms delay as compared to the 50 ms delay on the optical fiber. The delay is very stable though, there are no fluctuation (like 300 - 500 ms) if you buy a guaranteed channel. So the voice transmission will be delayed only with 0.3 seconds, but there will be no echoes or pauses as often happen in GSM Networks with weak coverage. You will be able to use your channel on any location within the coverage area of the W6 Satellite and in fine quality condition, mentioning that there will only be that 0.3 seconds delay.

The professional customers can use professional DVB equipment and not necessarily in the way we have described above, as a server. We are only interested in the equipment's MAC address in order to encode the signal in the right way. As long as your equipment is able to establish the VPN connection and you have the right MAC address, we can provide you what you were looking for.

Regardless of what you are, a provider looking to increase its capacity, a VoIP carrier, an agency which is looking for a special service that is not listed in the site, we are waiting for you to contact us in order to discuss your particular request that might suit your needs in the best way and analyze the ways in which we can satisfy your demands.

The ingenuity of our infrastructure allows us, at least in theory, to be able to satisfy a wide range of needs and demands. We are very interested in receiving your opinions about our services.

Bogdan Florin

BizarNet - Satellite Internet Services

Technical details
On-line documentation

brief presentation for: ONE WAY | TWO WAY Small ISP | TWO WAY AFRICA
Brief presentation | Technical details | Bandwidth test | On-line documentation
Case study | Prices | Resellers | Equipment | Coverage



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