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Esential questions   |   Online business examples   |   Ways to act  
Informations security   |   Marketing and sales   |   Project analysis form

Consultance - the start of online business

We will try to cover in this section some aspects, some older and others newer, which will relate to those who try to start a business on the Internet will encounter.

The sources we used to compose this material are:

  • The EURO INFO CENTRE within the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the city of Bucharest, an info, assistance and consultance center for the Romanian companies who deal with european problems, coordonated by the European Committee.
  • Your European Gateway to Electronic Commerce, the booklet printed by D.G.Intreprinderi

  Essential questions
Essential questions – Simple answers: how do we use the Internet for business, what level of security is offered by the e-commerce, which are the boundries of the e-commerce, what can we buy through the Internet? These problems are explained in this section.

  Online business models
What model should we use?
It is the first decision to be taken when we want to start a business on the Internet. There are several models for an online business. These can be categorized by their number of service providers, in: e-shops, e-malls, e-auctions.

   Ways to act
The most important thing is to be realistic. Aparently, doing business on the Internet is not that expensive; you could say that it will usually be cheaper than opening a real store, when starting a “classical” business can take up to 100.000 EURO, plus the monthly wages, rent and other expenses.

   Informations security
Up until now, the most popular payment way for the products and services offered through the Internet was and still is the credit card. How is it done? The customer will submit “online” an order form, specifying all the required informations about the credit card. The larger the credit card range covered by the seller is, the chances of Internet sales increase, by enlarging the range of the potential customers.

   Marketing and sales
Many companies have understood that the Internet is an exceptional resource which can provide services to the customers, details about products can be displayed, answers on FAQs can be given and services and products can be sold in Internet. This has to be the Internet site's target.

   Project analysis form
Are you interested in having your business advertised or developing your online business and you do not know where to start from? Contact our professional consultancy team absolutely for free, no matter where you would like to develop your project. 24 hours/day, the BizarNet Team is at your disposal!

For details regarding our web development services we invite you to contact us through the Contact form, or fill in a project analysis form.

Esential questions   |   Online business examples   |   Ways to act  
Informations security   |   Marketing and sales   |   Project analysis form



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