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Essential Questions – Simple Answers

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide network made out of tens of thousands high capacity computers, linked together. Business people and individual users surf the internet through a local Internet provider, which allows access to email services, information service (www), chat services etc. The Internet gives to the customer-to-be the posibility to see all the online business offers and to analize them at their own accord.

How do we use the Internet for business?

Many companies use the Internet for advertising. Internet marketing is a way to create a company image and to attract customers. They use the website to update technical informations and as a launching platform for their newest products and services. Through the website, used as an online store, they offer products and manage orders.

Is it necessary to have your own computer always connected to the Internet?

No. You can upload your business website into a host computer. This is the machine that has to be always online, not yours. With this host computer there will be no risk of anyone breaking into your computer, like hackers.

Who pays for the long distance calls?

You only have to pay for the local calls to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your messages are then forwarded to other host computers, through fast phone lines, leased lines or saltellite links. The costs of those transmissions are existent with the monthly subscribtion fee you pay to your ISP.

What level of security is offered by the e-commerce to the customers and businessmen?

Both customers and companies are very concerned by several tendencies related to the e-commerce.A lack of confidence can be observed regarding the security of the personal and confidential informations during the electronic transactions. The customers are yet uncofident, but the experts believe that the electronic transactions have a higher level of security than the common purchases through credit cards.

What economical size is the e-commerce?

Electronic transactions of merchandise and services are an extension of today’s commerce. An increased efficiency is gained in price cuttings and marketing effects, and the benefficiary-supplier relation is improved.

The e-commerce facilitates the co-operation between the companies, it reduces the marketing and shipping costs, it sustains the company’s marketing strategy and it gives access to new markets. In the not so distant future, the e-commerce will have a big impact on the competition between the companies.

How can small enterprises benefit on the e-commerce?

E-commerce is not bounded within a country’s borders, but is limited by the existence or the inexistence of the networks. E-commerce allows even the smallest providers, wherever they might be, to be everywhere and to deal all over the world.

Which are the boundries of the e-commerce?

The E-commerce is still at it’s beginning. The customers are afraid that their credit cards or their confidential informations might be stolen. Many companies did not choose the right e-commerce model for their e-business or have a hard time integrating the commands and informations they gathered online, while surfing the internet, into their daily company activity. Still, it’s a fact that the amount of customers who use e-shops and the amount of companies who take up the e-commerce system is increasing. Many ISPs advertise this online purchase system, to add trust and consideration.

What can we buy through the Internet?

: Almost anything we wish: books, computers, wine, clothes, chocolate, software etc. The problem in this huge goods offer is to find what we were looking for in the first place.

What is the e-commerce?

For some companies e-commerce means any financial transaction that uses information technology. For others, the e-commerce concept covers the whole selling circle, including marketing and the sale itself. Most people think that e-commerce is a commercial transaction, electronically guided, to buy products like books, CDs, travel tickets etc. but the e-commerce has a greater impact, generally speaking, on the evolution of the business and it contains, in fact, not only the new commercial acquisitions, but all the activities that support the marketing objectives of a company and which may contain advertising, sales, payments, post-selling activities, customer care etc.

There is now a wider range of services that support and assist this new business domain. These services regard the ISPs, the security systems and electronic signatures, online transactions or e-store networks, and to general services like consultancies, webdesign, site elaboration etc. This evolution has a major impact on economy, regarding the emergence of new companies, the diversification of the existing ones, and specially on the labour market and the degree of job filling in the future. Because of this diversity in the market conditions, which contains a great number of service providers and which is constantly changing , it is required as a necessity to supply the companies, specially the small and medium ones, with a “source” where to find the best support to apply e-commerce solutions in their own activity.

E-commerce industry has two main areas: Business-to-Business transactions and Business-to-Customer transactions; the first category contains all the transactions made between 2 or more business partners. These transactions are usually based on extranet systems, meaning that business partners act on the Internet using usernames and passwords for their websites. Business-to-Customer referes to the relations between the seller and the final customer, being considered to be retail commerce.

A new e-commerce option is the Business-to-Employer transaction, which regards the transactions within a company, meant for the company’s employees and which are done through the company’s own intranet.


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Esential questions   |   Online business examples   |   Ways to act  
Informations security   |   Marketing and sales   |   Project analysis form



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