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MDaemon Microsoft ISA server


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Proxy-Pro GateKeeper


- it is a proxy software which works really nice and it is recommended in case you don't want to allow different performances to each computer in your network;
- it creates statistics for each computer separately and it's very flexible;
- it's very accessible and it steadily WORKS;
- in case you want a more accurate report, there is Even Vision, a software wich creates accurate reports;
- the software can be easily installed on the server, then the users are created and on the workstations is installed in START UP the GKAccess.exe file, which will authenticate the workstation at startup to the working server needed in order to access Internet;
- the software can be freely used as a full version for a 30 days evaluation period, after this you can choose to buy the licence, which can be installed without reseting the server;
- the software excelently works even if is installed on the gateway server of the customer's network and every workstation in the network has it's own real Internet IP;
- the software can be installed on all Windows versions, equally simple and easy.

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Short overview   |    Download    |    Prices    |    Support
MDaemon Microsoft ISA server


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