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Microsoft ISA server

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Microsoft ISA server


ISA server is indeed the proffesional solution for proxy. Correctly installed and used by a competent administrator, it will enable the total control over each user's performances at the lowest level, this meaning inside the proxy server. It allows the settlement of very comprehensive performance criterias, both for upstream and for downstream.

ISA Server is the proffesional solution for Windows for the providers who want to create services to fit each customer's need.

Together with it's few comprehensive add-ons available on the market, ISA Server allows real-time monitoring and support at any level, at any time.

For example, two ISA Servers in ARRAY setup enable a high performance of up to 85 cache browsing, which means a valuable resource for the providers who implement ISA. 3 ISA Servers in ARRAY will allow an up to 90 cache browsing. A single ISA Server will allow an up to 60-65 % cache browsing.

It can also be configured to log the entire activity in an SQL Data Base, which will allow a wide flexibility in analizing and reporting data.

Besides the ISA Server it is also necessary a computer with SQL 2000 and IIS 5.0 installed on, to log the entire activity passing through ISA and to report it in websites very accessible to the customers. BizarNet perfected this solution and it can offer it to those interested in.

Finally, we recommend ISA Server only to experienced administrators who have a solid Windows 2000 working background.

Short overview   |    Download    |    Prices    |    Support

Microsoft ISA server


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